Transport Your Taste Buds to Another World

Create global cuisine with ease and simplicity, one spray of our revolutionary flavours will transform your meals and transport your taste buds to another world. 

Don't settle for the ordinary, simply create the Extra-Ordinary!

All cooking flavours are made from 100% pure natural flavour sustainably extracted from plants and flowers. iFlavour have no preservatives or chemical additives; each flavour is potent (a little goes a long long way); no refrigeration required (so they travel well) and all flavours have a shelf life of more than 3 years. Gluten free and dairy free. Australian Made, Australian Owned.

Coming Soon - New eCommerce Website

We are replacing our old website with a new and revamped eCommerce site where you can purchase our beautiful flavour range on-line. You will have access to a huge range of recipes and exciting new 'video tutorials' to demonstrate the how, when and why of iFlavour; learn the secrets of flavour combination... 'flavour marriages made in heaven'.

eCommerce takes a little time to develop, so we ask for your patience as we create your new on-line experience. If you wish to buy our products right now, simply fill in the contact form below and one of our helpful staff will be in touch to arrange your purchase. 

Thank you for visiting, we hope your day is full of fun, food and flavour!
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